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Educational Webinars

New comprehensive concept of hosted live educational webinars for public and professionals.
You can watch the individual webinars LIVE on zoom from your home or see the recording later.

7th October 2023 - Welcome to Energy
  • company info - history and overview
  • how our products are made
  • membership & bonus features
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    21th October 2023 - Energy Therapeutic beverages
  • therapeutic teas
  • therapeutic drinks - Qi Drink, Qi Coffee, Qi Collagen
  • best use and combination with other Energy products
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    4th November 2023 - Mycosynergy
  • extraordinary mushrooms
  • The Theory of Five Elements
  • Mycosynergy products of Energy
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    18th November 2023 - Betafit, edible oils
  • Betafit - use and combinations
  • edible oils - use and combinations
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    2nd December 2023 - Christmas Shopping with Energy
  • best Christmas recommendations for all your loved ones
  • personal advice based on the needs of your closest friends and family
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    16th December 2023 - Tips for Balanced Holiday Season
  • stress and digestion issues prevention
  • what products support gentle detox if needed
  • how to start the new year balanced
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