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TO all visitors of our website we offer a free use of our "Online Advice", where all questions are answered by an expert in a herbal medicine.

A virtual advice through which specialists from different fields of expertise respond to your inquiries is available to our website visitors.

Our consultants will advise you on health issues solutions, but in no way can they substitute consulting your physician. To determine accurate diagnosis, a personal visit at a specialist is necessary. The purpose of Advice is to suggest the interested parties one of possible solutions of issues by means of Energy preparations.

Patrick J Murphy

Online Advice

Patrick J Murphy qualified with a distinction in Herbal Medicine in December 1995. He holds qualifications in Herbal Medicine from the BSY College, College of Natural Healing and the Blackford College of Herbal Medicine.

Patrick operates a very busy herbal clinic in Tuam, Co.Galway, Republic of Ireland. Patrick also writes articles on herbal medicine in well-known media publications in the Republic of Ireland.

Patrick has cooperated with Energy for a number of years.

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