Just as the holistic philosophy of our products is inspired by a multitude of natural medicine methods, our business model successfully combines the very best of proven sales models.

Effective direct sales, an inspirational franchise, network marketing – all these and more have enabled us to create a unique Club concept. The business model is based on the mutual synergy of our authorised partners, forming a network of clubs and consultants with our customers. Combining with our experts, it forms a perfectly synchronised ecosystem that has grown and developed organically for more than 20 years.

Be a Pro

Have our products appealed to you and made you want to handle them professionally? The position of consultant is suitable for anyone who wants to broaden their horizons and opportunities for active collaboration by harnessing their own success with our products. If you are a doctor, a therapist, or a beautician, or if you want to build up your own network of active partners, our business plan will give you the right motivation and solution.
This position automatically provides you with all premium member services and entitles you to full access to business benefits, including financial bonuses.


How can I become an Energy Club member?

Either directly on our website or in person at any Energy Centre. If someone has recommended Energy products to you, it is advisable to include their name and their registration number (if you have it) when registering.

What are the benefits of membership?

Besides discounted prices, the benefits of club membership include the possibility of visiting or making use of a free online medical or therapeutic advice centre, attending expert lectures and webinars, sharing experience and receiving other interesting discounts and concessions.

What are the commitments of membership?

Club members are simply committed to our care. There are no membership obligations.

Are there any geographical restrictions on registration, benefits and bonuses?

No, there are not. Registration, benefits and even shared bonuses can be generated without limitation across national borders.

How long does club membership last?

Energy Club registration is valid for 12 months. After that, registration can be renewed within six months without the loss of any benefits granted in the previous period.

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“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

Margaret Mead