Supertronic is a diagnostic apparatus using the EAV
(electric acupuncture based on Dr. Voll’s method)

EAV – energy diagnostics

This machine measures precisely defined acupuncture points to determine the energy modes of the acupuncture pathways, internal organs linked to the pathways and the condition of the tissues linked thereto, whether anatomically or functionally.


Dr. Reinhold Voll (1909 – 1989) was a Bavarian doctor, the first professional to join the methods of both conventional and unconventional medicine in a sophisticated whole. He pplied medicinal electrophysiology methods to the acupuncture system research and defined over 800 points to which the associated internal organs and tissues were linked..

The measurements take allow us to detect whether the organs, functional systems or tissues are irritated, inflamed, adapting normally or degenerating. The energy diagnostics from the perspective of Voll’s method explores acupuncture point response to the transit of direct current of a very low volt-ampere characteristic. This provides a representation of both the acupuncture pathway energy and the condition of the organs and tissues associated therewith.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is a Supertronic examination most beneficial?

This method is most beneficial when used for prevention and in cases where conventional medicine fails to identify the cause of a disease or does not know how to cure it.

Are conventional and unconventional medicine contradictory or complementary?

Conventional and unconventional medicine do not compete with each other, nor are they at odds with each other. The very fact that they work from different angles means that they actually expand opportunities for both the diagnosis and treatment of a disease.  When they are used together, this is ideal for the person being examined because the causes of the pathological condition can be identified more effectively and tailored treatment can be proposed.

How should you prepare for an examination?

Patients should not be physically or mentally exhausted or be suffering from an infectious disease. Do not smoke or drink caffeine or energy drinks for at least two hours prior to the examination. Do not apply any cream to your hands or feet. On the day of the examination, take only essential medication. Do not take any other medicinal products or food supplements. The consultant or therapist with whom you make your appointment will provide you with more details.

ikona aplikace

» iOS application downloadable at App Store
» database of clients
» individual settings of the personal profile of measured points
» automatic reading and recording of the measurements
» synoptic analysis of the results
» comparison with previous measurements
» record of recommended productsbr> » user-friendly interface

ikona bluetooth ikona ios

iPad 3 and newer
Bluetooth 4.0
Automatic pairing

Technical specification:
» 4 th generation diagnostic electronics
» LED indicators (measurements independent of the application)
» Bluetooth with turn-on/turn-off option

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