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As an original Czech company, we have not only been able to effectively interlink our own development and production, but also to find a unique way to get our products into the hands of our customers.

Innovative nutraceuticals, therapeutic and care cosmetics, and veterinary products – all of our products are as natural, gentle and extremely effective as can be. In their development, we maintain a broad platform of ideas and keep track of synergic links between the professional public, medical circles and therapists.

We respect the latest scientific advances while drawing on the knowledge and experience of traditional teachings in the philosophy of medicine.

We view our products and our all-round, sensitively-tailored customer care as an inseparable whole. High-quality and in-depth diagnostics, lectures, courses, our own magazines, and professional training are just part of the wide range we regularly provide and expand for all of our clients.

We feel and firmly believe that human contact is irreplaceable in this day and age. That is why we are constantly expanding not only the list of authorised locations where our products and inseparable care can be obtained, but also the countries where we provide these services. Just as energy knows no bounds, we too are creating a space in which we can move without any restrictions.

Our values

Every step we take is based on real, meaningful values. We respect balanced results both in products and in business relationships. We have no products that we do not use ourselves and do not give to our children. A team of good people is a prerequisite for any success. We have a passion for nature, a sense of detail, and the joy of a job well done.

Our quality

All of our products are as natural as possible. Active ingredients largely come from wild harvesting or organic farming. We do not use anonymous suppliers. We strive to recognise the value of all places and people behind the individual medicinal herbs, precious oils, essences and other ingredients used in the manufacture of our products. We are responsible in using only the most selective, purest and most effective active ingredients available to maintain the sheer excellence of our products. Developments and formulations are always guided solely by the resulting value of products, so that we can look our customers in the eye. We take responsibility for all shortcomings, we learn openly from our own mistakes, and we try to capitalise on these lessons in a way that can only take us forward.
Energy is officially FDA registered company and all provided statements are EFSA compliant.

Our commitment

We never compromise when it comes to our values or quality. Our fundamental priority and prerequisite is for customers to feel good. If, for any reason, that feel-good factor is impaired, we are committed to making a full refund.



Trojská 39/201, 171 00 Praha 7, phone/fax: +420 283 853 853/854, www.products.energy

Tomáš Škopek


Zuzana Konopásková


Mgr. Pavlína Vyhnalíková

Marketing & Sales Manager

Mgr. Zuzana Knoblochová

Marketing Manager

Jana Kuntová

Corporate Identity Manager

MUDr. Kateřina Himmelová

Chief Editor

Jiřina Střihavková

Sales Department

Pavel Tůma

IT Manager

PhDr. Vítězslav Bon

Manufacturing Dept.

Martina Stepankova

Intl. Market Development Manager


Lukáš Arden

Manager of Veterinary Department

Ing. Jiří Koval

Manufacturing Manager

Petra Kovalová

Chief Accountant

Zdena Bukovská


Board of experts 

From the very beginning Energy Czech Republic cooperates with doctors and medical professionals and therapists from various fields. The closest cooperators are members of the Board of Experts that is a guarantee of the high standard of provided products and services, and is responsible for the continuous increase of the professional credit of the company. 

Bohdan Haltmar, M.D.

PBohdan Haltmar, M.D. graduated from the Faculty of Medicine, Palacky University Olomouc. From the very beginning of his professional career he pursued the field of obstetrics and gynecology. Since 1992 he has his own private obstetrics and gynecology practice in Zahreb. Since 1994 he has been cooperating with the obstetrics and gynecology ward of the Hospital in Sumperk. He has successfully completed several professional trainings and fellowships in his field (e.g. gynecologic laparoscopy, ultrasonography) and in the field of acupuncture. He is a member of the Czech Gynecological and Obstetrical Society and the Czech Medical Acupuncture Society of the Czech Medical Society of J. E. Purkyne. In his practice he combines the methods of classical medicine and acupuncture, plant therapy, and other alternative methods. He has cooperated with Energy since 1998. In 2006 he became a member of the Board of experts.

Eva Joachimová

In 1968 Eva Joachimova encountered the first old Chinese texts and one year later also Chinese astrology. From 1980 – 1995 she studied with outstanding Czech sinologist Boris Brin who gained his extensive knowledge of the traditional Chinese arts in Tao monasteries in China. In 1988 – 2000 she learned from Master Li the traditional, passed down by word of mouth, secret Chinese art HAM YU. In the 90’s she completed her studies of cosmology at the European university of TCM held by Master LEUNG Kok-Yen, former president of the Institute of Chinese medicine, The Chinese University of Hong Kong. She practices HAM YU (e.g. application of FENG SHUI) and she works as a therapist. She is an author of several books from the field of medicine (cancer) and Chinese cosmology (HAM YU Basics). She has cooperated with Energy since 1998. Since 2006 she is a member of the Energy Board of experts.

Beauty team

Marie Bílková 

Not only natural formulas, gentle touch and high quality but also professional training and exchange of knowledges are prerogatives of the proffessional expert and beautician developing Energy Beauty skin care products.

Alexandra Vosatkova

Alexandra Vosatkova, M.D.

Alexandra Vosatkova, M.D. began to be interested in acupuncture already during her studies on the Faculty of Medicine. She underwent psychotherapeutic training in constructive and progressive psychotherapy and underlying fundamentals of the Jungian principle.

After graduating from the Faculty of Medicine, she worked in the surgical field where she obtained her 1st degree attestation. Then she moved into physical therapy field. After obtaining her attestation from physiatrics, balneology and physical rehabilitation cure, she worked for 10 years as a head physician. At the same time, she completed a correspondent study of Chinese medicine - acupuncture at the Guang Ming Institute. She then established a holistic medical practice and started to cooperate with Energy. In 2007 she became a member of the International Board of Experts.

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Place of business: ENERGY CZECH REPUBLIC a.s., Trojska 201/39, CZ-171 00 Praha 7
Business Registration # 03737195
VAT Registration # CZ03737195

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