Energyfood – diet as medicine


„Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food.“
— Hippocrates —

Energyfood is a unique concept for a holistically balanced diet that respects the nutritional needs and key biorhythms of your body. At the right moment, it supplies your body with carefully selected, perfectly prepared and mutually balanced essential ingredients.

By combining Western scientific knowledge with Eastern knowledge and principles of traditional Chinese medicine, we are able to achieve exceptional synergy. The result of these endeavors is a harmonious unison of extraordinary tastes with health benefits, a world where diet becomes both pleasure and medicine.

Energyfood – diet as medicine

Energyfood is a biorhythmic nutrition based on the five elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). It combines the highest quality ingredients with herbal effects, suitable for the purposes of both prevention of illness and dietary treatment.

oheň dřevo kov země voda

Gaja Essence

according to tcm, it belongs to the element of earth
mild, nutritionally complete
benefits spleen, pancreas and stomach
supports digestion
gently warms the digestive organs
easily digestible

Buddha Essence

according to tcm, it belongs to the element of metal
nourishing, seasoned
benefits lungs and intestine
boosts immunity
strong sense of warmth on the body surface
therapeutically focused on immunity

What makes Energyfood unique?

Diet as medicine and delicious taste
Nutritionally balanced and gentle nutrition according to tcm
Harmonisation and support of digestion
Strengthens organ function
Replenishes energy
All-natural, no additives or preservatives
Quick and easy preparation in 3 minutes
Healthy start to a day at work, to a Vacation, on the road or in the hospital
Nutritionally complete diet for children, workers, women ( following childbirth), the elderly or sick


Energyfood – Nutrition based on the 5 elements

Nutrition is a crucial part of a healthy lifestyle.

As Hippocrates said: “Let food be thy medicine and let medicine be thy food”. If we eat healthy food, we are one step closer to a healthy body. Hence, proper nutrition is important for all of us, not just for those who want to lose or gain weight. In order for our body to start up properly, most of our attention should be given to the very first meal that we eat at the beginning of each day.

Effects of Energyfood

Owing to its harmonious composition and synergistic effects of the individual ingredients chosen according to TCM, Energyfood fulfills the role of a therapeutic diet that strengthens organ functions without burdening the digestive system.
It provides energetically balanced, nutritionally complex, easily digestible, clean and natural nutrition. It is a source of fiber, protein, complex carbohydrates and fats. It benefits specific body organs and fulfills their needs based on the given period of the year.
It fills the body with strength and energy, harmonizes digestion, promotes qi and blood circulation and moisturizes the intestine. It has anti-inflammatory and anti-stress properties.

Diet – medicine, yes, but also a potential cause of illness

Finding a way to have a healthy and tasty diet is a true challenge nowadays. We are exposed to a constant rush, stress and overload of contradictory and often completely false information in many areas of our lives. Not all of us have the time and desire to become a nutritionist, and yet what we eat is extremely important. The Chinese have stressed since time immemorial that food can be medicine. Each individual food product and spice has a well-defined effect and function. Diet can thus be a double-edged sword. It can keep us in good shape but, on the contrary, it can also be the root of health issues. One family member can thus, by their cooking, affect the health of the whole family.

What affects our digestion and how does it relate to a person's fitness and health?

According to Chinese medicine, in order for us to survive, we need stomach chi. If we lost it, we would become unable to digest food at all. Similarly, if the chi of our spleen and pancreas was fundamentally weakened, we wouldn’t be able to digest food properly. These organs are very sensitive, and every day, they are weakened by many factors. The culprits especially include worries, constant reflection, stress, work at a computer and an inappropriate, heavy diet. The devil lies in an excessive consumption of white pastries, sweets, pasteurized/UHT dairy products or raw vegetables/fruits during the winter. First, the digestive function weakens, and then our overall energy plummets, resulting in long periods of tiredness. We can feel as if we had “stones in our stomach”, we can feel pain and suffer from diarrhea. An energy phase-out right after the meal is also a given. So, how to go about remedying it?

The first meal of the day is crucial

The greatest emphasis should be on the first meal of the day. Unfortunately, breakfast is the most underestimated and neglected meal in these busy times. In order for our body to start up properly, we need to eat food that matches the current season. Unfortunately, the typical start of the day for most families comes in the form of yoghurt, which has a cooling character (even more so if taken out of the fridge), causing our body more harm than good. By cooling our center (digestive organs), we gradually weaken our immunity and overall chi. What should we eat, then? In the colder period of the year we should opt for a warm grain porridge or soup (broth), in the warmer months for a refreshing smoothie. Either way, the meal should be nutritionally complex and energetically balanced. The deciding factor should be the quality of ingredients.

The quality and essence of the dish

During the entire process of developing our porridge, we were mindful that food cannot just be medicine, it must also taste delicious! We've fine-tuned and carefully selected all the ingredients to bring the necessary nutrients to the body, while also providing a culinary experience. Emphasis was placed on the body's needs during the given season, nutritional balance, energy efficiency, the best possible digestibility and health benefits. Our porridge is preserved exclusively through drying, so it does not contain any preservatives, additives or any other chemicals.

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