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When wishing to have a perfect skin,
we must understand our body first!

Our skin is the mirror of the interaction between the outer world and the status of our inner body. Perfection is the reflection of body´s harmony;
individual imperfections are signals of biologic balance deflection.

By means of carefully selected most active ingredients, we take care of the skin, provide the inner organism with power and restore the requisite calmness of the mind.

Basic principles

We approach every single aspect of our products with the best care and pure intent. Every product is based on highest natural foundations; it is well-absorbed and skin-friendly while providing smooth application and long-term effects. The extraordinary amount of active substances is a combination of methods of phytotherapy, aromatherapy, crystal therapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine and bioresonance to achieve the best possible effect resulting from the interaction of these methods.

Natural perfumes

Natural perfumes consist of aromatherapeutic amounts of the rarest essences only and give an exceptional individuality to each product. They are instruments of a gentle therapy that has the enormous potency to reach deep mind and harmonize the inner power. Containing the solely essence of herbs, these perfumes are the most powerful substances in plant kingdom: many of them are even the most expensive ones.


For production, we use only proved raw materials of highest quality that have been selected in a way to meet the demanding requirements of natural cosmetics. We carefully choose our suppliers of active substances and cooperate with them to ensure that natural biorhythms, high purity, energetic value and therapeutic effect of the substances will be respected. We use no parabens, synthetic colorants and fragrances, no mineral oils, oil derivatives, genetically modified organisms, chemical UV filters or SLS.

Cytovital renove

Designed for nourishment of mature skin prone to wrinkles. It helps to restore dermal cells, improves skin elasticity and leaves the skin looking younger. Ideal to be used as day and night cream.

The sensual earthy scent of sandal and vanilla shall appeal to mature women. It relieves stress and tension, calms our minds and strokes our souls while carrying us on the wings of exoticism.


Cytovital renove belongs to the agent of Earth and is associated with the energy of Dampness.

Earth is characterized by yellow colour and sweet taste. Within human life, Earth is associated with the period of maturity. In most humans, the period of Earth overlaps with the time of settling down to make a family and of career building. The period of Earth relates to sensitiveness, self-fulfilment, stableness, tranquillity, safety and empathy, but also to mistrustfulness, indecisiveness, oversensitivity and laziness.

Active substances:

pure plant oils – argan kernel, macadamia seed, castor, evening primrose; succinic acid; humic acids; essential oils – sour orange (Bigarade), sweet scented geranium, vanilla, sandalwood; plant extracts – anise burnet saxifrage, Japanese pepper tree, sweet fennel, liquorice, lavender, butter and eggs, rhaponticum, MuiraPuama, Baical skullcap, ginger, vanilla, Solomon’s seal, spadeleaf.

Ruticelit renove

Thanks to the light revitalizing composition, this cream is ideal for all skin types. Unless your skin is too fatty or you feel dryness and constriction, Ruticelit renove is the right choice. Especially suitable for facial skin with dilated blood vessels – couperose. The cream reinforces and promotes the elasticity of vessels, stimulates microcirculation, reduces itching, softens the skin and makes it more supple. Ideal to be used as day and night cream.

Rose stands for pure love concentrated within one drop of an essence promoting joy, confidence and self-assertion.


Ruticelit renove belongs to the agent of Fire and is associated with the energy of Heat and Glow.

Fire is characterized by bitter taste, the southern cardinal point and, from among the seasons, naturally by summer. Within human life, it represents the period of joyful youth. The period of Fire is associated with an intensive intellectual development, inquisitiveness, intuition and laughter as well as the ability to enjoy happiness irrespective of external factors. On the other hand, it can also show perplexity and an inability to express oneself.

Active substances

pure plant oils – argan kernel, macadamia seed, black cumin seed; succinic acid; vermesin; essential oils – sweet scented geranium, sour orange (Bigarade), vanilla, rose, cypress; plant extracts – black current, Japanese pagoda tree, gingko, horse chestnut, sweetclover, comfrey, great burnet, pot marigold, buckwheat, mountain arnica, field horsetail, rue, St. Johnswort, kidneyvetch, whitchhazel.

Artrin renove

Designed for tired, dry and sensitive skin that loses its natural tone. It provides the skin with necessary nourishment, protection and moisture and prevents further drying. It heals small scars, smoothes incipient wrinkles and reduces dark undereye circles. Ideal to be used as day and night cream.

A scent of an evening walk along the beach in summer. Arabian jasmine combined with the scent of cedar gives us strength for everyday life. It promotes the sense of creativity and rejoicing.


Artrin renove belongs to the agent of Water and is associated with the energy of Coolness.

Water relates to the blue and black colours, salty taste, north and winter. Within human life, it controls the last stage. The agent of Water is characterized by wisdom, intuition, modesty, endurance, stability and conciliation. On the other hand, Water can show anxiety, depression, rigidity and never ending fears.

Active substances:

pure plant oils – argan kernel, poppy seed, jojoba seed; Croton lechleri resin extract; succinic acid; essential oils – sweet scented geranium, sour orange (Bigarade), vanilla, jasmine, cedar; plant extracts – black locust, goldenrod, horse chestnut, sweetclover, dill, comfrey, liquorice, nasturtium, butter and eggs, sicklefruit fenugreek, mountain arnica, calamus, Canadian horseweed, queen of the meadow, sweet bay, ginger.

Droserin renove

Designed for regeneration of dry and thinner skin the protective function of which is impaired. It is the fattiest of all RENOVE creams, thus suitable for the driest skin types. It protects against external factors – cold, wind and frost – and can be used as winter cream for all skin types. Ideal to be used as day and night cream.

The scent of myrtle grove full of sun wakes and sharpens all senses and evokes a feeling of safety, balance and a feeling of peace going beyond the senses.


Droserin renove belongs to the agent of Metal and is associated with the energy of Dryness.

From among the seasons, Metal belongs to autumn; cardinal points: west. Within human life, it comes and starts reigning after the fruitful period of Earth – the most significant stage of the active life. The period of Metal is associated with ripening and harvesting, followed by withering and drying. It is also associated with the ability to gain acceptance, with firm attitude towards life, responsibility and sense of purpose. On the other hand, it can relate to bellicosity, crying, sadness, poor adaptability and perfectionism.

Active substances:

pure plant oils – argan kernel, macadamia seed, jojoba seed, black cumin seed; succinic acid; essential oils – sweet scented geranium, sour orange (Bigarade), niaouli-tree, lavender, myrtle; plant extracts – udo, mullein, oregano, quinine, Japanese pagoda tree, narrowleaf plantain, downy hempnettle, turmeric, liquorice, nasturtium, island cetraria lichen, lungwort, coltsfoot, holly hock, field horsetail, cabbage rose, garden thyme, hyssop, ginger.

Protektin renove

Designed for mixed, fatty or problematic skin prone to eruptions, dermatitis and acne. It efficiently heals inflammatory and eczema focuses without drying the skin, while tightening the pores and leaving the skin supple and smooth. Rich in vitamins and minerals, especially calcium and magnesium. It eliminates the development and reduces the amount of pigment spots and, thanks to the composition, it naturally neutralizes toxins. Ideal to be used as day and night cream.

The scent of cistus, interwoven with that of lavender, brings freshness and purity – just as if one was dancing in a bloomed meadow in summer rain. The scent provides with resistance and promotes reliability.

Zobrazit mandalu

Protektin renove belongs to the agent of Wood and is associated with the energy of Wind.

Wood is associated with green colour, sour taste and, in terms of cardinal points, with east. From among the seasons, it relates to spring and, within human life, it is analogically associated with carefree childhood. Wood stands for rapid development, visions, planning, decisiveness, curiousness and thus originality and creativity; nevertheless, it can also show precipitation, anger or inability to meet or complete plans.

Active substances:

pure plant oils – argan kernel, hemp seed, poppy seed; kaolin; succinic acid; essential oils – sweet scented geranium, niaouli-tree, lavender, sour orange (Bigarade), cistus; plant extracts – udo, Japanese pagoda tree, professor-weed, Robert geranium, comfrey, liquorice, butter and eggs, great burdock, field horsetail, calamus, lawndaisy, stickywilly, Baical skullcap, kidneyvetch, witchhazel, field pansy, celandine, heather, drug fumitory.

Beauty Catalogue

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