The Five Element Regeneration®


The Five Element Regeneration® - concentrates

The cornerstone of our product range comprises five natural herbal concentrates corresponding to the five basic elements: Vironal – Metal, Regalen – Wood, Renol – Water, Gynex – Earth, Korolen – Fire. This coherent system called The Five Element Regeneration® is based on the principle of bioinformation therapy and on a holistic approach to a man. The Five Element Regeneration® products complement and balance each other thus creating a system of efficient regeneration of the whole organism.

Products work on two main levels in the human body: natural substances directly affect body organs, and bioinformation – through the principle of bioresonance – affects the brain’s basal ganglia. Bioinformation amplifies the effect of products and harmonises the entire human energy system.

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The products can be used sequentially in the indicated order as an overall detoxification course, or in a targeted, individual way, depending on the nature of a particular health problem. For the exact ordering and for targeted use, it is advisable to consult the export at Energy Clubs, where you can also test the optimal product using the Supertronic EAV.

The Five Element Regeneration® - regenerating creams

Besides the five herbal concentrates intended for internal use, The Five Element Regeneration® system is complemented by five regenerating creams, which also correspond to the energies of the five elements: Droserin – Metal, Protektin – Wood, Artrin – Water, Cytovital – Earth, Ruticelit – Fire.
The creams can be used either in combination with the herbal concentrates or separately.

Well-chosen medical treatment and gentle harmonisation perfectly complement one another.

To achieve a deep-rooted, efficacious effect, we developed advanced phytotherapeutic products known as superconcentrates. Multi-ingredient herbal extracts are highly vacuum concentrated to produce a supercritical concentrate. The therapeutic values of active substances in this concentrate are several times greater than those of ordinary extracts.

As is natural the interconnection of matter, energy and information, so is natural also mutual connection of conventional treatment to the natural methods of regeneration. There is no doubt that the key to a healthy life is rather harmonisation and prevention than the treatment of diseases.


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