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Geranium is one element in the group of “feminine” essences. It can open the door to a natural experience of femininity and a regaining of one’s own strength and a return to oneself.
In today’s modern world, it is not quite clear what that actually means. Women give birth to children, manage the household and family, go to work…and in addition, they often have much more on their plates: working overtime or two jobs, carrying out the role of the mother and father all in one, and they have to do it alone. In the next image, you see a woman competing with her partner, the only direction is a career and a full bank account…How long can one tolerate this? One year, two, or ten years? Sooner or later, the quiet inner voice makes itself heard. The woman feels that something in her life is not the way she wants it to be. Fatigue, exhaustion, stress, restless sleep, irritation... The body begins to hurt under the weight of life. The woman is no longer aware of herself, her feelings, yearnings or dreams.

Geranium can enter her life like a loving reminder of a happy, fulfilled woman, full of vibrant strength! The essence may help her reconnect with her inner self, with the gentle, sensitive and fragile feminine soul. The strength that geranium recalls smells like roses, like Love which completes and heals the heart (it may have a positive effect on the heart chakra), it may calm strong emotions (it may sooth the liver and harmonize the solar plexus), dissolve and wash away “unwept” emotions (it may act like a diuretic), balance and harmonize relationships (it may support the kidneys and nourish the second chakra with femininity), carry loving refreshment to an exhausted nervous system, bring serene and sustaining peace and enable sound sleep. Geranium may balance and simultaneously stimulate an off-kilter psyche, put aside the energy-filled sediments left by duties and pour fresh energy into depleted batteries. But not so that a woman can do even more, as the old saying goes, or as custom has it! And the newly awakened woman? She can allow herself to be a true and natural woman to her man. She can allow him to be a true man to her…Every man naturally longs for and needs that type of woman. The essence of geranium carries a fragrance of mutual respect; it may give women back their power and faith in themselves and initiate men’s trust in women, mothers and daughters. It may dissolve their fear of strong, self-confident women.


Analgesic, antiseptic, antidepressive, adstringent, diuretic, toning, repellent

Usage for the body

‒ May bring relief during strong and painful menses
‒ May help with varicose veins and hemorrhoids
‒ May relieve intestinal complaints, diarrhea
‒ Used for facial neuralgia, shingles
‒ May reduce muscle pain, low back pain
‒ May strengthen the kidneys, may have a diuretic effect
‒ May stimulate the lymph flow (cellulitis)
‒ May stimulate the adrenal cortex and blood circulation
‒ May harmonize the hormone system – climacteric complaints
‒ May strengthen the liver (support in case of hepatitis)
‒ Showing repellent effects against insects (including lice and pinworms)

Usage for the psyche

‒ May act as an antidepressant, may relieve mental and emotional stress, anxiety, irritation, stress, calm nerves, may alleviate sleep disorders
‒ May help tired and elderly people get ready for life again, be helpful for recovery and in case of burn-out, encourage and cool the nervous system
‒ May instill balance

Effects on the mind

– May impart boldness for open expression of feelings
‒ May create a state of calm strength and assurance
‒ May lead from mental overpressure to relaxation and open perception
‒ May help connect with the internal world of sensitivity and naturalness

Cosmetic usage

– May brighten and illuminate the skin, minimize the appearance of dark spots (of hormonal origin)
‒ Suitable for acne, acne-prone skin, inflammation
‒ May have adstringent effects – suitable for spider veins
‒ May stimulate, lift and brighten the skin
‒ Effective in skin scarring, healing and regenerating, treating burns and frostbite
‒ May reduce dry eczema, dandruff, psoriasis
‒ May have a preventive effect against striae forming

Active ingredients

Pelargonium Graveolens Flower Oil


Inhalation: 2–3 drops in the diffuser or vaporizer.
Massage and topical application: Mix 4–6 drops with 20 ml of vegetable oil.
Bath: Essence should always be mixed first in the emulsifier (vegetable oil, high-fat cream or any of The Five Element Regeneration® therapeutic creams) and then added to water. The Biotermal bath salt may be also added to increase the effect. Bath time – 20 minutes.
– Dosing for whole-body bath: Mix 3–6 drops with 20 ml of oil, 150 ml of cream or 1 tablespoon of therapeutic cream. Add into the bath tub filled with warm water
– Dosing for foot bath: Mix 2–5 drops with 15 ml of oil, 75 ml of cream or 1 heaped teaspoon of therapeutic cream. Add to the washbasin with warm water sufficient to reach above the ankles. The bath acts through reflex areas and points on the feet.



Pelargonium Graveolens Flower Oil


Use a few drops in the diffuser, aroma lamp, bath or cosmetics.
Follow good aromatherapy practice.


Not intended for internal consumption!
Avoid contact with eyes! Keep out of reach of children.


Republic of South Africa


Store in a dry place, out of direct sunlight, between 10°C and 25°C. Protect from frost.
Best before: See the date on the package.


10 ml


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