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Mint is the essence of alert presence, pure direction and the freedom of “here and now”! Its freshness and purity may guard your natural calmness and a sense of freedom in your emotional center. This “cleansing breeze” may prevent layers of emotions from difficult situations from building up and help you realize, breathe through, become aware of and “digest” these emotions. Mint can enable you to inhale freely, restoring courage and the power to express yourself naturally and communicate freely to your body – to the solar plexus area. Follow your own path.

The quantity of built up and unexpressed emotions can cause digestive problems, respiratory illness and also pressure in your head, often expressed as migraine headaches. A drop of mint massaged into the pressure area – the temples, nape of your neck or abdomen, or inhaling the essence – can bring almost immediate relief. Just like when you open a window wide in a long unventilated room, you may throw the load off your shoulders and finally inhale freely…
Peppermint has a talent for relaxing and cleansing the third chakra, as it may relax and open the path through the fifth chakra to the center of your liberated intuition (the area of the third eye, the sixth chakra).

Many of us are familiar with commands like “YOU HAVE TO!” and “YOU CAN’T!” and that anxious feeling when your stomach tightens up and, both as a child or an adult, you feel like curling up in a ball and disappearing from the world. But peppermint can enter your inner environment and lift the boulders of anxiety from your soul. It may create a safe, clean space for unobstructed inhalation that contains no manipulation and restrictions. It simply says: “YOU CAN!”... Breathe freely and take pleasure in the joys of life!


Analgesic, antiseptic, stimulating, relaxing (cramps), antipyretic

Usage for the body

– May influence headache, migraine, dizziness, motion sickness
– May alleviate toothache, freshen the breath
– May help with digestive complaints – nausea, flatulence, diarrhea, stomachache, heartburn, abdominal colic, vomiting
– May support the respiratory system – cold, flu, sinusitis, bronchitis, cough, asthma
– May help against overheating and fever, may support sweating
– May awaken and activate the nerves and the brain, it is used for nervous disorders, neuralgia, neuritis
– May support expectoration

Usage for the psyche

– May influence mental fatigue, weakness and exhaustion
– May release accumulated tension – emotional stress and pain
– May bring encouragement and inspiration
– May clear the mind, activate attention, focus and memory
– May improve the mood, alleviate the stress, bring relief and ease
– May support mental stability, calm down nervousness
– May bring us back to the present moment – in case of a shock, fright, “breathlessness”, loss of consciousness, fainting, etc.

Effects on the mind

– May awaken intuition, self-confidence, stability and hope
– May support mindfulness
– May help with processing and accepting new ideas and impressions, including those that we deem unacceptable

Cosmetic usage

– May alleviate itching in dermatitis
– May cool down – it activates cold receptors
– May have healing effects in acne and skin inflammations
– Can act as a toner and it may have refreshing effects

It is not recommended for facial treatment. Use only on skin of the body, in minimum concentration! Use maximum of 1–2 drops in 20 ml of vegetable oil or see topical application.


Inhalation: 2–3 drops in the diffuser or vaporizer.
Massage and topical application: Mix 1–2 drops with 20 ml of vegetable oil.
Bath: Essence should always be mixed first in the emulsifier (vegetable oil, high-fat cream or any of The Five Element Regeneration® therapeutic creams) and then added to water. The Biotermal bath salt may be also added to increase the effect. Bath time – 20 minutes.
– Dosing for whole-body bath: Mix 3–4 drops with 20 ml of oil, 150 ml of cream or 1 tablespoon of therapeutic cream. Add into the bath tub filled with warm water.
– Dosing for foot bath: Mix 2–3 drops with 15 ml of oil, 75 ml of cream or 1 heaped teaspoon of therapeutic cream. Add to the washbasin with warm water sufficient to reach above the ankles. The bath acts through reflex areas and points on the feet.
Contraindications: pregnancy, breastfeeding (hampers lactation), children under 3 years of age.



Mentha Pipperita Oil


Use a few drops in the diffuser, aroma lamp, bath or cosmetics.
Follow good aromatherapy practice.


Not intended for internal consumption!
Avoid contact with eyes! Keep out of reach of children.




Store in a dry place, out of direct sunlight, between 10°C and 25°C. Protect from frost.
Best before: See the date on the package.


10 ml


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