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Have we forgotten the taste of a fresh awakening, frolicking relaxation or a day filled with laughter? Orange essence can literally put juice into your life! Where there is fatigue, weakness, weariness, worries and tension… that is where sweet orange essence is right at home.

The “paradise fruits of life” are often neglected in our arid tales and we easily, with flaps over our eyes, fall exhausted and thirsty. Let’s soak up the life force and let a fresh breath dissolve many shadows, clouds and fears! Let joy and relaxation enter our lives. Let’s let the lightness of being intoxicate us.
In the movie “Eat, Meditate, Love” a guru advises the heroine to take care of the “smile in her liver” – well, oranges may make this smile appear. How simple! Laugh with your liver and life may flow with the right juice! That may release solar plexus energy, flood the “fertile pelvis” of the second chakra, wash away stress, fatigue and cloudy thoughts, and pour the elixir of optimism into everyday life.


Antiseptic, antidepressive, toning

Usage for the body

– May stimulate liver and bile production (it supports digestion of fats), may have a toning effect on the stomach, may adjust digestion: it is suitable for abdominal cramps, pain, loss of appetite, nausea, flatulence and belching, constipation
– May alleviate nausea, tension and headache
– May calm down heart palpitations

Usage for the psyche

– May calm down nervous tension, support calm sleep
– May relieve frustration and irritability
– May induce joy, dissolve sadness and fear
– May stabilize extreme emotional fluctuations
– Can help cope with depression (bad mood, severe mental conditions) caused by the lack of sunshine, it is sought after especially during the winter months

Effects on the mind

– May help people who insist on solving problems on their own to ask for help and thus it can lift their mental burden
– May stimulate flexibility

Active ingredients

Citrus Aurantium Dulcis Peel Oil


Inhalation: 2–3 drops in the diffuser or vaporizer.
Massage: Mix 4–6 drops with 20 ml of vegetable oil.
Bath: Essence should always be mixed first in the emulsifier (vegetable oil, high-fat cream or any of The Five Element Regeneration® therapeutic creams) and then added to water. The Biotermal bath salt may be also added to increase the effect. Bath time – 20 minutes.
– Dosing for whole-body bath: Mix 3–6 drops with 20 ml of oil, 150 ml of cream or 1 tablespoon of therapeutic cream. Add into the bath tub filled with warm water.
– Dosing for foot bath: Mix 2–5 drops with 15 ml of oil, 75 ml of cream or 1 heaped teaspoon of therapeutic cream. Add to the washbasin with warm water sufficient to reach above the ankles. The bath acts through reflex areas and points on the feet.

Contraindications: Do not use while sunbathing, risk of skin spots!



Citrus Aurantium Dulcis Peel Oil


Use a few drops in the diffuser, aroma lamp, bath or cosmetics.
Follow good aromatherapy practice.


Not intended for internal consumption!
Avoid contact with eyes! Keep out of reach of children.




Store in a dry place, out of direct sunlight, between 10°C and 25°C. Protect from frost.
Best before: See the date on the package.


10 ml


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