A certain lull and a period of ripening, morning dew and the aroma of the earth (an Indian summer) occur after the height of summer, which is accompanied by high to burning energy. It is a period of increased perception of our environs and of ourselves, reflection and nostalgia and the last phase of the annual cycle when our body and soul are warmed by the sun’s beneficial rays. From the point of view of TCM, late summer is under the reign of the element of Earth and it is associated with the spleen (nowadays understood to mean the spleen and the pancreas) and the stomach.


Gynex, which has been designed to regenerate this group or organs, can be said to be perhaps the most universal of the Pentagram® herbal concentrates. It is the one that has faithfully accompanied my medical practice for fifteen years and which first brought me to the Energy Company. I most appreciate its regulatory effects by means of which it influences practically the “entire person” by means of hormonal control and it has a significantly positive effect on stress, especially emotional stress. It is therefore often used as an “introductory and preparatory preparation” when influencing a wide range of illnesses. Its efficacy and popularity have also been confirmed by its permanent ranking among the “top ten” Energy products with the highest sales.

The group of the spleen–pancreas and the stomach

The spleen and the stomach control the digestive processes, break down food and create the jing essence which renews the blood and is distributed around the body. The spleen creates postnatal qi from food, i.e. energy which the organism needs for all its life processes. This energy is also supplemented by prenatal qi which is based in the kidneys and whose condition affects the quality and length of life. The stomach is called the “sea of food and water” in Chinese texts and it is an exceedingly important organ which not only collects and breaks down food, but also has a substantial influence on a person’s fitness and performs a hormonal function which influences other organs. Gastric indisposition is a condition which is very unpleasant and difficult to bear. As has been stated, both organs belong to the element of Earth, for which dampness is characteristic. However, a surfeit of dampness significantly weakens the spleen. The seasonal occurrence of gastric and digestive problems is characteristic in spring and also in the period of late summer and at the beginning of autumn. The spleen is an organ which is predisposed to easy exhaustion.

The spleen’s function is the transportation and transformation of food and liquids and the control of blood formation and blood quality. Disorders manifest themselves in digestive problems, especially bloating, diarrhoea and stomach ache, but also watery swelling and anaemia or other disorders of the blood’s composition. The spleen controls the “ascent of the pure” and in doing so not only influences the digestive process and sufficient energy intake, but it also influences the stability of the location of the organs in the abdomen. If this process is inadequate, we see a drop of the stomach, the intestines or the uterus, which is accompanied by unpleasant difficulties. The spleen also controls the muscles and limbs. For this reason, muscular tiredness, lack of performance and the inability to walk long distances are symptoms of the weakening of this organ.

The spleen’s condition is visible in the lips. Pale and droopy lips are a sign of weakening, rashes are a sign of fever in the spleen and stomach and bluish lips are a sign of the stagnation of the blood and therefore of the transportation function. The spleen’s external outlet is the mouth. When there is a fault in the spleen’s functions, we experience altered taste, a change of scent, loss of appetite or very often an appetite for sweet things when the organ is weak.

The spleen’s emotion is reflection. Thoughts have their source in the spleen and are completed by the shen spirit in the heart. Excessive reflection during problems and stress, which is characteristic for the period we find ourselves in, leads to the significant weakening of this organ.

The spleen’s liquid is saliva which mixes with food and enables its further processing. The weakening of the organ can lead to an accumulation of saliva and to salivation. The spleen controls the transformation and transportation of food and liquids, the nascence of and control of the blood and the ascent of the pure.

The spleen is closely connected with the heart, whereby the emptiness of the spleen weakens the blood of the heart which manifests itself with weakness, palpitation or insomnia. The spleen shares the circulation of the blood with the heart. Manifestations of emptiness include bleeding from the nose or the uterus, paleness of cheeks and so on. It shares the control of the qi creation and the transformation and transportation of liquids with the lungs. The emptiness of one of the organs also leads to the emptiness of the other one. This often leads to the thickening of the phlegm and to parallel digestive and respiratory problems. An example of this is the illness mucoviscidosis (cystic fibrosis), when the thickened phlegm damages the spleen and the lungs and leads to infertility in men.

The spleen contributes to digestion and to the quality, amount and distribution of blood in cooperation with the liver. The spleen has a close relationship with the kidneys during the mutual supplementation of prenatal and postnatal energy. Both organs are predisposed to emptiness which gives rise to disorders of the creation and circulation of liquids. This often leads to the occurrence of pitting oedemas. The weakening of the kidney’s yang gives rise to the weakening of the spleen. This manifests itself with chills, diarrhoea, frequent urination, swelling or cold limbs.

An inseparable pair - the concentrate – crème

Gynex influences the meridians of conception, the triple burner, the spleen and the stomach. All of these conduits can be harmonised using Cytovital crème. It is also possible to use Cytovital soap or shampoo for a positive effect. Always apply it in the direction of the energy flow in the conduit. The minerals which positively stimulate these meridians include amber, topaz, tiger’s eye and gold.

The indications for the use of Gynex

All disorders of the hormonal system / Digestive disorders (due to a lack according to TCM) / Emotional stress / Blood disorders / Weakened immunity in the context of disorders of nervous and hormonal control (the PNEI concept, i.e. psycho – neuro – endocrine – immune) / Psychological functional and organic disorders / The overwhelming majority of gynaecological illnesses (irregular menstruation – especially during the period of puberty and menopause, ovary cysts, climacteric difficulties, premenstrual syndrome, infertility due to hormonal or functional causes and psychogenic infertility, chronic gynaecological yeast inflammations, the prevention of gynaecological tumours dependent on estrogens – of the uterus, ovaries and breasts, together with Cytovital in the case of benign breast illnesses – cysts) / Hormonal disorders of the thyroid gland – with Cytovital and Vitamarin / Type II diabetes (to increase insulin production and influence its receptors in the muscles) / Obesity or excess weight, to limit the appetite for sweet foods / Gastric neuroses and the prevention of gastric and duodenal ulcers / Emotional lability and lighter forms of depression, psychosomatic links with manifestations in the organs / An adaptogen for a change in living conditions with an emotional response.


Like all of the Pentagram® preparations, Gynex is take on an empty stomach, half and hour before eating. Take 7 drops for acute conditions and if a rapid effect is required, 5 drops in the case of chronic difficulties and 1–3 drops in sensitive individuals. The doses should be taken 1 to 3x daily. Adverse reactions occur only rarely. They can involve gastric problems or emotional problems.

Gynex is a truly universal preparation which is suitable (not only) for every woman. Its main role involves the prevention of illness. Unprocessed emotional stress is often behind many, sometimes also serious, illnesses. I hope that this excellent aid reliably affects the health of everybody who tries it and anchors them firmly to their notional “centre” where they will be protected from unfavourable fluctuations. Before autumn, we should absorb as much positive energy as possible from the sun and from Mother Nature so that sleet, viruses and a lack of light have the smallest possible negative affect on our organism.

MUDr. Bohdan Haltmar

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