Summer and the holiday period are over. All the things which are pleasant for us and which we look forward to are abating much more quickly than the humdrum or less pleasant things. Autumn is coming and bringing with it work obligations, new tasks, the start of school for children and the time of ripening, harvest, attenuation, closure and awaiting the arrival of winter for nature. For many people, this is a hurried time with bad weather and low temperatures which are associated with runny noses, coughs and other symptoms of the common cold.

However, even autumn is beautiful, if we are able to stop and take in the wonderful changes in the colours of the leaves on the trees which combine to form a coloured carpet and to smell the special aroma the leaves give off during their decomposition. The “silence” of autumn or, on the contrary, the scream of the wind in the treetops or its howls in the chimney when we are warm at home are also special.


We have now come to the last preparation in the cycle of articles about Energy Pentagram® preparations and this is Vironal. It is a preparation of autumn, it belongs to the element of Metal and like a metal shield it is able to effectively protect our organism from harmful external substances. From the point of view of TCM, the element of Metal includes the lungs (cang) and the large intestine (fu) which guard the order and integrity of our organism against the penetration of harmful substances, both physical and microbial, into important deep structures where they could give rise to very serious damage. Vironal, which strengthens and regenerates these organs, is therefore truly a guard and protector of our health.

The group of the lungs and the large intestine

The lungs and the large intestine fall under the element of Metal, whose main characteristics include strength, resilience and purity. The respiratory and digestive systems, the skin and hair, the nose and the adjacent sinuses and the shoulders also belong to Metal. This group influences the immune system, i.e. the spleen and the bone marrow. It forms a barrier between the external environment which brings various, sometimes harmful, influences and factors and the internal environment which requires the preservation of stability and order. The lungs supply life-giving oxygen, which the oxygenated blood transports to all the body’s cells. In the Chinese texts they are designated as the “shelter”, because they are the highest of all cang organs, or as the “chancellor”, because they are located in close proximity to the “emperor”, the heart.

The large intestine removes waste products from the organism, but it also influences the metabolism and the synthesis and absorption of minerals. From the point of view of TCM, it is responsible for expelling sediments and it is the yin opening of the kidneys.

The function of the lungs is to control the creation and flow of qi in the entire organism and the liquid metabolism and the control of the blood circulation, distribution and filtration in cooperation with other organs. The lungs have a key regulatory function during breathing, the movement of the qi, blood circulation and the transformation of liquids.

The condition of the lungs manifests itself in the quality of the skin and the skin hairs, the quality of the voice and the sense of smell and the type of breathing. The lungs’ external outlet is the nose.

The lungs’ emotion is sadness and its escalated form, regret. Both these emotions and their other shades lead to the exhaustion of the lung qi and, given their basal function, to the exhaustion and subsequent suffering of the entire organism. The opposite relationship also applies in that an innate weakness of the lungs leads to a tendency towards negative emotions.

The lungs’ liquid is phlegm. The size of the nostrils, where the phlegm is created and which have a protective function, plays a significant role here. The insufficient creation of phlegm leads to dryness and the burning and bleeding of the mucous membranes, while excessive phlegm creation leads to becoming obstructed with mucous, colds, headaches, repeated inflammation, fevers and coughs. This second variant is most frequent and the significant (incorrect) promotion of the efficacy of the high consumption of dairy products has certainly contributed to this.

The lungs control the respiratory qi (the replacement of the old with the new), the establishment of pectoral qi, the distribution and filtration of liquids, the blood circulation and also the condition of the skin and the skin hairs through the sweat pores (a gateway for the qi). The voice and its quality are controlled by the lungs (the kidneys also play a role – the lungs are the gateway of the voice and the kidneys are its root).

The lungs are closely connected to the kidneys in that they jointly contribute to the metabolism of liquids and that emptiness of the lungs leads to a lack of yin in the kidneys and vice versa. According to Chinese texts, the lungs are the top source of water and the kidneys control water. The symptoms of the pathologies of this interconnection are watery swelling, coughs, breathlessness, but also convulsions, sweating, dry throat and disorders of the menstrual cycle. The lungs work with the spleen in the creation of the postnatal pectoral qi and the liquid metabolism. They cooperate with the lungs in the circulation of the qi and the blood (the liver upwards and the lungs downwards). They secure the correct distribution of the qi and the blood to other organs in association with the heart.

An inseparable pair - the concentrate and cream

Vironal harmonises the acupuncture meridians of the lungs, the large intestine, the triple burner and the spleen - pancreas. Treat these conduits with Droserin crème. My many years of experience mean that I should also mention lung conduit point 7 where massage with Droserin leads to increased resilience to droplet infection and significantly accelerates the healing of burns.

It is also possible to use Droserin soap and shampoo to harmonise the meridians. The massage should be realised in the direction of the energy flow. Curative stones which can be used to stimulate the conduits include crystal for cleaning, aventurine and amethyst to reduce pain, fluorite with a specific relation to the skin and mucous glands and rutile (crystal with titanium dioxide), whose internal structure is reminiscent of the bronchial tree, for bronchial illnesses.

Indications for the use of Vironal
Acute infections of the lungs, the bronchial tubes, the upper respiratory tract, the intestines, the stomach and the skin / Chronic inflammation of these organs (including bronchial asthma, lung emphysema, Crohn’s disease, diverticulitis or intestinal diverticulosis, pussy skin lesions…) / Convalescence after inflammation (especially in children and senior citizens) / The prevention of respiratory and alimentary infections (it activates the protective energy of the wei-qi) / Efficacy on the skin (quality – moistening, elasticity), it accelerates the healing of burns and wounds / It has an antimicrobial effect on Helicobacter pylori bacteria which contribute to the establishment of gastric and duodenal ulcers / It gives rise to sweating and reduces fevers / It strengthens the immune activities of the large intestine, the spleen and the bone marrow / It reduces the frequency of infections not only in the gastric and respiratory apparatus, but also in the genitourinary organs / From the point of view of the psyche, it acts on improving the emotional state in the case of grief, regret and self-depreciation, it reduces attacks of night horrors, it helps people, who cannot otherwise do so, to establish order for themselves and it can be used in the case of emotional numbness and buck-passing or on the contrary in individuals who adhere to order and to perfectionists.


In the case of acute illnesses, Vironal should be taken in a dosage of 3-7 drops 3–5x daily or 3-5 drops 3x daily during the regeneration of the lungs or the large intestine depending on the age of the patient and the seriousness of the condition. The dosage for children is 1–3 drops. A morning dose of 3-7 drops which activates the protective energy of the wei-qi is important for prevention. Adverse reactions are infrequent, but they may involve symptoms pertaining to the lungs or intestines or increased tiredness.

Vironal is without doubt a highly effective tool in the fight against infections (both acute and chronic) for which repeated antimicrobial treatment with antibiotics (not always correctly indicated or prescribed merely to cover all bases) ends up bringing more damage than benefit.
The preventative use of Vironal which leads to increased anti-infection immunity is the best solution for halting the effects of autumn’s sleet and illnesses spread by droplet infections.

MUDr. Bohdan Haltmar

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