Winter is inexorably coming to an end, nature is waking from its lethargy and spring sunshine is providing all living things with the impulse to wake up from their winter sleep. Spring is here. And with it comes life-giving energy to cleanse, renew, grow and creatively form something new and beautiful. This is characteristic for nature as a whole and mankind is no exception.


And spring brings us in our cycle of articles to Regalen, the very first regenerative preparation which the Energy Company launched onto the market in 1995. It hard to believe that we will soon have twenty years of experience with Regalen which will confirm its excellent and often even surprising regenerative and detoxification effects. Regalen is therefore associated with the season of spring and it is precisely in spring that it achieves its best effects on the organism. From the point of the five elements of traditional Chinese medicine, spring is associated with the element of Wood and the “cang” (the liver) and the associated organ “fu” (the gall bladder).

The area of the liver and the gallbladder

It is necessary to be acquainted with all of the organs and tissues belonging to a functional group from the point of view of diagnostics and treatment. The liver is called the “supreme commander” in old Chinese texts and it has a significant influence on the movement and passage of energy and bodily fluids, digestion, the efficiency of the motor system and also on a person’s mental and emotional condition.
The gallbladder is characterised as the “censor” and it has a crucial influence on the assessment of problems and on our decisiveness during their resolution. It also contributes to resistance against stress. It is a storage place for “pure” bile which is essential for digestion and aids the pancreas/spleen and the stomach. This constitutes a difference in relation to the other hollow “fu” organs which transport the “turbid” part of matter downwards.

The liver’s function is to secure the passage and free movement of qi energy, the blood, nutritional substances and bodily fluids to all corners of the human body according to its momentary needs. This ensures the normal functioning of all the organs and a feeling of freshness and good physical and mental health. It also has the highly important task of “preserving” the blood and distributing it to the organs during increased energy requirements. It has a significant influence on the menstruation cycle and pregnancy. It controls the activities of the tendons and ligaments and in doing so contributes to easy and problem-free movement, stamina and good physical performance.
The pathologies therefore appear in the area of emotions, mental humours, the motor system and its efficiency, digestion disorders and gynaecological problems and pain.
The condition of the liver manifests itself in the nails, which can be used in diagnoses. In the case of a disorder of the liver, the nails have no shine and they are frayed or brittle, dry or matt. The outlet for the liver is the eyes. They represent the only yang site on the otherwise yin mass of the human body. They are connected with the qi of all the internal organs. Not for nothing is it said that “the eye is the window to the soul”. The closest connection is with the liver’s qi: it manifests itself most distinctly on the iris. Good acuteness of sight and resistance to tiredness reflects the correct functioning of the liver and the nutrition of the blood.
The liver’s emotion is anger. This is a very strong and hard to manage emotion which is associated with strong yang energy which ascends and partially emits from the body. It is necessary to realise that this involves a bidirectional process, i.e. that stimuli giving rise to this emotion damage the liver and that on the other hand insufficient blood in the liver does not bind the liver’s yang which will give rise to a tendency to inadequate angry reactions even with only slight provocation.
The liver’s liquid is tears. When the liver is functioning normally, tears are created at an adequate amount and they rinse the eye and wash away contaminants. When there is insufficient blood in the liver, this leads to so-called “dry eye”, a subjectively highly unpleasant condition with reduced tear production. In the opposite case, the excess of yang can cause the watering of the eyes, for example during windy weather. The liver controls all throughput. It is characterised by movement (mainly upwards) and penetration and it cannot abide blockages and stagnation. It becomes easily “yang-ised”, because its qi is highly irascible and causes syndromes stemming from overexcitement (the liver yang emits upwards, liver wind moves inwards) such as blushing of the face and reddening of the eye whites, headaches and rage, but also serious acute conditions such as collapses, cerebral vascular incidents and heart attacks.
The direction of qi flow also often changes and this gives rise to cramps, nausea and so on.
The liver’s qi is connected to spring and we should therefore dedicate sufficient attention to supporting the liver in this period. As such, we should get up earlier, wear looser clothing, walk in the countryside and observe the wonderful transformation of the flora. We should be magnanimous in our relationships and accept and support new ones and be appreciative.
The liver is very closely linked to other organs. It jointly controls the circulation, the intellect and the emotional state in cooperation with the heart and the flow of qi (the balance between the upper and lower parts of the body) and the blood in cooperation with the lungs, it participates in the digestion process and blood creation and circulation in cooperation with the spleen and it contributes to the creation of the essence and the blood in cooperation with the kidneys. The kidneys’ yin holds back the liver’s irascible yang. The liver participates in the digestive processes in cooperation with the gallbladder and it has a significant influence on the psyche and on dealing with stress.

An inseparable couple – the concentrate and the crème

Regalen influences the meridians of the liver, the gallbladder, the stomach, the three radiators (three heat sources) and the course of conception. These acupuncture lines can be highly effectively harmonised using the crème counterpart of Regalen: Protektin. Massage the entire line or part thereof in the direction of the flow of energy using an emulsion of the Protektin crème or soap while showering or apply the crème on the individual acupuncture points or reflex surfaces and massage it in. Massage in pulses and clockwise, if you wish to achieve increased function, and use light pressure and the opposite direction, if you wish to suppress function. Fluorite, jasper, amethyst, rose quartz and aventurine are minerals which have a curative influence on these points. Apply the mineral or massage the area using massage rods.

Indications for the use of Regalen

The detoxification of the organism in the case of acute and chronic illnesses / Liver diseases (viral inflammation of the liver, mononucleosis, Lyme disease, cirrhosis, toxic damage caused by harmful substances, medicines, antibiotics...) / Eczema, allergies, intolerance to foodstuffs and other immune disorders / Degenerative illnesses of the thyroid gland (while maintaining function), fertility disorders, menstruation disorders, amenorrhoea (absent menstruation) after the application of hormonal contraceptives – a very frequent phenomenon, fibrocystic mastopathy (nodes and cysts in the breasts) / Digestion disorders (dyspepsia), constipation, support during weight loss – it functions very well in spring / Ocular illnesses, aggravated vision, tired eyes from monitors, “dry eye” syndrome / Inefficiency in the motor system, the prevention of tearing tendons and convalescence after orthopaedic operations, pain in the hip, knee and shoulders, headaches and migraines in the area of the temples / Convalescence after acute attacks of chronic illnesses, infectious illnesses, especially those which affect the liver and increase the values in liver tests, after operations / During insomnia (especially waking from midnight to 3 am), repeated “bad dreams”, irritability, irascible emotions or otherwise in the case of indecisiveness and inefficiency and as an anti-stress preparation / It is known from classic medicine that liver cells have enormous regenerative potential. Regalen, a regenerative and bio-information preparation, not only has this potential at a physical level, but also at an energy and mental level. As such, it effectively assists the self-curing and regenerative processes of the organism.


As in the case of Renol, a low dosage of Regalen is used in chronic, long-term illnesses and weakened individuals: 1–3 drops 2–3x daily, a medium dose (5 drops) is used to cure chronic, non-serious conditions and a high dose (7 drops) is used in the case of acute conditions in otherwise healthy individuals. Reverse reactions involving a worsening of the condition, tiredness, pressure in the liver landscape, headaches, ocular symptoms and so on may also occur during the use of Regalen. It is necessary to be cautious in the case of people with a case history of bilious attacks where a high dosage could give rise to such an attack. It is always necessary to inform the client of the fact that the dosage should be reduced and the liquid intake should be increased.

We hope that all the readers, the users of our preparations and those who respect their health will experience the enchantment of burgeoning nature in the upcoming spring months and that their livers supported with Regalen will enable the influx of new energy not only to the physical body, but also to souls which are frequently wrapped in stress.

MUDr. Bohdan Haltmar

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