Winter is here, bringing an end to the cycle of nature and covering everything in a blanket of white. However, wherever something ends, something new also begins ...


Winter is a period belonging to the element of Water and the preparation designed for this period is Renol. It mainly strengthens the kidneys which Chinese medicine considers to be the most important organ in the body. It also supports the activities of the lymphatic system and it is therefore of great significance for a person's immunity and it is a fundamental preparation in relation to a number of chronic illnesses. It also influences the paired fu organ, i.e. the bladder, and any other tissue assigned to the element of Water.

The group of the kidneys and the bladder

It is important to know all of the organs and tissues belonging to the kidney group, because their symptoms lead us to the designation of the correct diagnosis and to regenerative procedures leading via the kidneys. It is also a good idea to realise what is written in the old Chinese texts, i.e. that Water is a source of creation and that the inception of the genesis of all things is found in Water.

The kidneys are the root of the yin-yang of all internal organs and the source of life, they form a person's prenatal basis and they preserve the innate life force and substance. Thanks to them, humans can conceive further generations.

The kidneys' function involves the preservation of the so-called jing essence, including its prenatal and postnatal forms, which is essential for the nourishment of all the organism's tissues. They also control reproduction, influence the growth and development of an organism, support the creation of blood and immunity, control water, i.e. its cycle in the body and its expulsion via the bladder, and control the absorption of qi. They influence the bones, including the bone marrow, the hearing and the teeth.

The condition of the kidneys manifests itself in our hair and in its quality. The kidneys' external outlet is the ears and two lower openings in the body; the front one is the urethra and also the vagina in women which is used for excretion and reproduction and the rear one is the rectum. Hearing loss and disorders of excretory and sexual function are therefore signs of a weakness of the kidneys.


The kidneys' liquid is phlegm (thick phlegm; runny phlegm belongs to the spleen). Phlegm is swallowed during qigong exercises to strengthen the kidneys. The kidneys control the preservation and closure of the qi energy and the jing essence, the excessive exhaustion of which has serious consequences for the organism. For that reason, it is necessary to not overly exhaust the kidneys in the winter period, to adapt your regimen to this by drinking warm beverages and to include higher energy, cooked meals in your diet.

The kidneys are very loosely connected to the liver, whereby the kidney yin controls the liver yang. They contribute to the liquid cycle with the lungs, they supplement the prenatal and postnatal essence with the spleen and they are in a relationship of mutual benefit and support with the heart where the heart yang supplements the kidney yang and the kidney yin supplements the heart yin. The bladder stores the urine and also excretes it, which the kidneys' yang is in charge of. As such, frequent urination and incontinence are a sign of insufficient kidney qi.

A special organ is the so-called ming-men which has no anatomical basis and whose place is between the kidneys. Its function involves energy, it is the centre of the original qi and it is associated with sexual function. Its "fire" is the basis for the body's yang.

An inseparable pair - the concentrate and cream

The Energy Pentagram® Renol herbal concentrate influences the meridians of the kidneys, the bladder, the triple burner (triple heater) and the spleen-pancreas. It is possible to treat these conduits with its cream counterpart, Artrin. Either choose the acupuncture points or lightly massage the cream emulsion along the entire conduit or part thereof in the direction of the energy flow. Artrin also influences the reflex zones and surfaces. It is also suitable to massage the points with mineral massage rods, preferably with crystal, aventurine or amethyst.

The indications for the use of Renol
The regeneration of the kidneys, adrenal glands, bladder, prostate, uterus and lymphatic system / Chronic inflammations of the genitourinary tract / Male and female infertility associated with renal inadequacy / Hypertension of renal origin / Illnesses of the muscles and joints, pain in the back, joints and bones, assistance during the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis / Allergies and bronchial asthma, eczema / Migraines / Some blood production disorders (the substance erythropoietin is formed in the kidneys) / Repeated tonsillitis, middle ear infections / Other conditions associated with reduced immunity / Intolerance of coldness, pathological fear of something / Hair greying and hair loss, tooth decay / Given the important functions which the kidneys have, Renol is also a significant "anti-aging" preparation, because it can be said that healthy kidneys are the precondition for a good quality of life.


Use a lower dose of Renol (1-3 drops 2-3x a day) in the case of chronic illnesses and older and exhausted individuals, a medium dosage (5 drops) in the case of chronic conditions in well composed individuals and a higher dosage (7 drops) in the case of younger people. When using Renol, there may be adverse reactions in the form of the deterioration of the condition, which the client must always be informed about in advance.

In conclusion, I would like to wish everybody the successful, regeneration of their kidneys and a problem-free winter period with fun in the snow.

MUDr. Bohdan Haltmar

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