The culminating spring with all of its wonderful flowers and aromas will soon fluidly transform into what is the perhaps the most beautiful season for many: summer. This is a period full of energy and warmth which greatly accelerates the natural processes. These processes then occur at a pace which we cannot keep up with, just as we cannot keep the lawn cut back as it grows before our very eyes or pick all the sweet red cherries, strawberries and raspberries. We look forward to our holidays so that our organism can rest and recharge with energy.


Summer belongs to the element of Fire which can warm us with its heat, but we must also beware of its intensity so that it does not burn us. According to traditional Chinese medicine, Fire includes the “cang” organs of the heart and the pericardium, the “fu” organ of the small intestine and the triple burner. The Korolen herbal concentrate is the Energy Pentagram® preparation which is applicable in this case. It is a regenerative preparation which acts on the central and vegetative nervous system, by means of which all other organs are regulated. It significantly increases the adaptation to stress which is behind a wide range of so-called lifestyle diseases and also acts favourably on cardiovascular diseases.

The group of the heart, the pericardium, the small intestine and the triple burner

The heart is called the “ruler of all organs”. It has a physical, mental and spiritual form and it is the seat of the psyche, consciousness and the so-called “shen” spirit which has an unconscious (cosmic) and conscious (cognitive) form. This spirit is nourished by the qi energy and the blood, whereby there is a clear analogy with the way modern western medicine sees the primacy of the central nervous system and its control function and its enormous dependency on blood circulation and nourishment with oxygen and glucose. The heart is associated with the energy of summer and it controls the yang energy of the qi. The pericardium or the membrane around the heart protects the heart and prevents infection. The pathology of the pericardium manifests itself more at the level of the heart’s mental functions.

The small intestine controls the intake and transformation of food into its nourishing essence and also separates the “pure from the turbid”. In this way, the organism is supplied with the necessary substances and energy via the spleen, lungs, heart and blood and waste products are eliminated in the urine and the stool. From a contemporary point of view, the “triple burner” or the “triple heater” is not a clearly “palpable” organ. It does not have an unequivocal anatomy, but it has an energy function. From the point of view of its localisation, it symbolises the upper, central and lower parts of the abdomen with the appropriate organs. Its main function is the preparation of primordial qi energy, as well as liquids and nutrients. All of the life processes in the body are therefore dependent on the condition of this organ.

The heart also controls the shen spirit which manifests itself on the one hand in the overall impression of a person’s health and the emanation of the person’s personality and on the other hand in their thinking and the state of their psyche and consciousness. Unlike our concept of the psyche as an activity of the brain, TCM views the state of the psyche as a reflection of the function of all five cang organs, of which the heart is the most important in this field.
The condition of the heart is reflected in the cheeks. It is possible to estimate the condition of a person’s heart according to the “colouring” of the cheeks. A red complexion with a flexible, shiny and fresh complexion is healthy, while the cheeks are bright white in the case of insufficient heart qi, pale in the case of insufficient blood and blue-purple in the case of a qi blockage.
The heart’s external outlet is the tongue, which is accessed by means of a fork in the heart meridian. The heart’s condition therefore also manifests itself in the ability to distinguish flavours and especially in speech articulation. In the case of any deficiency, the tongue is soft, large and with a white coating, while the tip of the tongue is red in the case of an excess of yang and it is dark purple in the case of a blood blockage.
The heart’s emotion is joy. The emotions should be in balance and the connection with the organs is bidirectional. Excessive states of joy, grief and melancholia damage the heart. An imbalanced spiritual life most affects the heart.
The heart’s liquid is sweat. It has a common origin with the blood and the heart’s qi. We must therefore be careful during the use of perspiratory methods so as not to induce arrhythmia and dehydration. In the case of a deficit of heart qi, the yang protection of wei-qi is also weakened and this leads to the deregulation of the sweat pores with subsequent pathological sweating.
The heart controls the yang qi. Even though this is a ying cang organ, it has a yang characteristic, because it appertains to the element of Fire. It therefore also controls the body’s thermal regulation. It “heats up” easily – it changes to yang and extreme yang can lead to a heart attack. Given the fact that the heart is connected to the qi of summer when the most yang is manifest in nature, it is most threatened in summer.
The heart is closely connected with the lungs by means of the relationship between the blood and the qi, whereby the blood flows together with the qi in mutual support and supplies all the organs. It is connected to the spleen in that it is involved in the creation and circulation of blood. The heart yang supports the spleen in the transformation of food into its essence.
Chronic stress and excessive rumination drains both organs, because they are associated with thought. The liver and the heart contribute to the distribution of the blood by means of its flow and storage. Their interconnection also significantly contributes to the condition of the psyche whereby the heart controls the intellect and the liver controls the general mental humour. The relationship with the kidneys is a question of the relationship between Fire and Water. The heart’s Fire descends and reinforces the kidneys’ yang, while the kidneys’ yin ascends and supplements the heart’s yin. The heart gives the small intestine yang and the heart provides the blood with essence via the spleen and lungs.

An inseparable pair, the concentrate - crème

Korolen influences the meridians of the heart, the pericardium, the small intestine and the triple burner. It can be highly effectively harmonised with the crème Ruticelit. Proceed according to the known, earlier described rules according to the energy flow. It is also possible to use Ruticelit soap when showering. Minerals which have a curative effect on the conduits and reflex zones are crystal, malachite, rose quartz, amber and red coral.

Indications for the use of Korolen
All cardiovascular illnesses / Varicose veins (in combination with Artrin in the case of acute inflammation or with Ruticelit in the case of chronic inflammation) / Afflictions of the arteries, capillary arteries and capillaries with arteriosclerosis / Conditions after myocardial heart attacks and strokes / A high cholesterol level and dyslipidemia (a disorder of the lipid metabolism) / Anaemia and other blood disorders, the reduction of cytostatic toxicity in the heart and blood cells / To strengthen the heart muscle and during cardiac rhythm disorders / Haemorrhaging due to increased fragility of the capillaries / Irregular gynaecological bleeding during the use of hormonal contraceptives and in the case of uterine myomas / Pre-operative preparation and post-operative convalescence after any operation / Illnesses of the nervous system – ranging from lighter forms of mental illness through to damage of the peripheral nerves / Learning disorders in children, hyperactivity, ADHD / Acute and chronic stress with an impact on psychosomatic illnesses and symptoms (stomach neuroses, irritable bowel, headaches, insomnia, heart palpitations, sweating and others …) / As prevention for diabetic vascular and neural complications / In the case of small intestine dysfunction (food and element absorption disorders, discomfort in he abdomen and so on) / As a supplementary anti-mould agent / As an agent against physical and mental exhaustion, a reduction of the impact of so-called basal stress and the improvement of adaptation.


A low dosage of Korolen (1–3 drops) is used in highly emotionally unstable individuals and also in the case of serious and chronic cardiovascular illnesses. A medium dose (5 drops) is used for regular regeneration and a high dose (7 drops) is used in the case of the acute need for the rapid strengthening of mental resilience, the blood count parameters and postoperative healing. Take it 2–3x daily according to the condition of the organism and make sure that you increase your liquid intake. Unlike Regalen and Renol, negative reactions are rare and they mainly manifest themselves in the field of the emotional psyche.

Let us enjoy the summer period, which is full of warmth, sunshine and life-giving energy, in harmony with nature. Let us try to absorb the necessary energy for a full life in this hectic world and performance oriented society. Let us not only strengthen our physical bodies, but also give our souls sufficient room for pleasant emotions. Let us rejoice in the small things of a summer day. Have a good holiday.

MUDr. Bohdan Haltmar

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